Day 4 : Chaukori to Munsyari

This day for a change starts with a sweet downhill towards the place which is named Thal, which sort of means, the bottom. All riders will head out towards Thal post breakfast and we will have out first regroup there.

But this was all the fun which was to be had to the day, as from here onwards starts the last climb of the route which is Thal to Munsyari. The part from Thal to Tejam is quite gradual and from there on its a bit less gradual. The best part of the stretch is that you will riding from a low altitude towards high and thus will get to experience the change in the landscape and flora quite vividly.

Birthi is a well known waterfall in the area and rightly so as its a quite a sight. You will spot it from a few kilometers away as it is perched on the higher side of the mountain. Once at Birthi we will take a short break and then onwards to complete the climb.

What lies ahead is half of the last climb for the route. The climb is a taxing, right from the last and it goes on till the Kalamuni temple which is the highest point on this route, being north of 2800 m.  The landscape gets better and better as you climb ahead.

Once at the kalamuni temple, Munsyari is just 15km away, around 3km of which are a gradual climb and the rest is a descent. The final downhill section will leave you at the end of your ride, which is a at Munsyari. You stay here for the day and before finally departing.

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