With regular inclines, some gradual and some steeper, the mountains of Uttarakhand offer a chance to test your strength and stamina as you climb up the roads cut into these beautiful green mammoths. Compared to other areas which I have cycled through, what I liked about this state is that the roads mostly have a good surface which allowed you to focus on the cycling part and really get into long undisturbed rhythm.

Another aspect which makes the routes we choose here good for endurance cycling is the lack of traffic. The traffic is thin in most parts making pollution minimal and disturbance lesser.

The Bhimtal-Munsyari Route

This route has a few major climbs which incrementally make it a fun and testing package. The first climbs is around 10km long and starts off just after a kilometer from our start point. Thus giving you ample time to warm up. The second climb is frrom Kwarab to Almora. The beautiful town of Bal Mithai awaits at the end of the climb which starts from a typical metal bridge and ends at the sweet shops of Almora. Its around 15 km long and takes some effort to get to the top of.

The next climbs are towards Binsar, towards Joshigaon and then finally towards the Kalamuni Temple of Munsyari. All get incrementally beautiful and get deeper into the Kumaon region.

My personal view is that this route is the best option to start climbing, maybe because I started my mountain cycling from this route and still love to revisit it. Its got everything you want from a mountain cycling tour.

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