The Roads through Kumaon

The mountains of Kumaon are draped in green, stitched together by rivers in their youth, bejeweled with lakes, frequented by clouds and often shrouded by mist. Roads meander through the placid forests, painted with sunlight making its way through the sieve of oak leaves. The brighter parts of the road overlook high mountains and vast valleys, while the dark ones are conceal the growls of tigers in their afterlife


With regular inclines, some gradual and some steeper, the mountains of Uttarakhand offer a chance to test your strength and …


While most cycling tours are organized by cyclists and focus on the endurance part, I being less of a cyclist …


Different places have different flavors to them. There are places which are more subtle with creations of nature and humans …

The 5 day, 4 Night Guided Cycling Tour costs Rs.25,000 including Stays, Nutrition, Backup Vehicle, Cycle Rent and Photography. Costs Rs.20,000 if you bring your own cycle.


The route which we will be taking starts at Bhimtal and ends at Munsyari. Below is a simple daywise breakdown of the ride.

Day 1 : Bhimtal to Almora

The starting point of the ride, Bhimtal is a small Kumaoni town settled around the Bhimtal Lake

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Day 2 : Almora to Bageshwar

On day 2, post breakfast all riders leave towards Almora. The distance covered for the day will be 63km

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Day 3 : Bageshwar to Chaukori

On the third day of the ride, post breakfast, all riders start riding through Almora and start their climb towards Binsar

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Day 4 : Chaukori to Munsyari

This day for a change starts with a sweet downhill towards the place which is named Thal, which sort of …

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What You Get?

 A to do list for the ride which I will have covered and thus will be provided to you as inclusions in the cost for the ride.

Curated Routes

The routes which you will be cycling on are the ones which I have cycled through multiple times

Backup Vehicle

The vehicle tails the group, carrying your luggage so that its there when you need it

Comfortable Stays

Halt for the night is not only the place you sleep but also the target point for the day, starting point for


As you cycle up and down mountains, not only a lot of energy gets consumed, but also a lot of muscle damage happens

Experienced Lead

I have been cycling through routes in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan etc for a while now


You can either bring your own cycle or I will provide you one at the starting point which is Bhimtal

Local Inputs

Kumaon is a region which has a very laid back life style and has avoided commercialization to some extent


basically be assured that you will return with some beautiful memories

Get in touch!

Write to me know more about this tour and dates. You can also get in touch with me on instagram @motology